Commissioning Authority

Design through to full operation applied to all systems in a building including mechanical, electrical, security and lighting to name a few.  

This commissioning model can be applied to mechanical systems only or to all systems in a building. KD can tailor a commissioning plan to meet the owner’s specific commissioning needs . The type of commissioning, referred to in “A Building Commissioning Fable”, is full scope commissioning (for the owner), which starts at the design stage and continues through to proper training of the operators. As the story highlights, this type of commissioning (full scope commissioning for the owner) ensures that:

  • The design is proper to meet owners needs
  • The systems and sub-systems perform properly
  • The operators are properly trained
  • The documentation is correct and sufficient

Whole building commissioning is become more and more common place in the BC building industry.  KD has acted as the Commissioning Authority on many projects including a few large hospital facilities in the past 10 years.  Hospitals generally have more commissioned systems than any other building and are the true test of a commissioning organization’s capabilities.

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