Operating & Maintenance Manuals

K.D. Engineering also offers the services of compiling Mechanical Operating and Maintenance Manuals for new and existing buildings which may include Commercial, Residential, Recreational, Governmental, Medical, Transport, Military, Environmental, Communications, and Educational.

The Operating and Maintenance manuals are compiled according to our own industry standards, following the guidelines of Engineer’s Mechanical Specifications.

Hard copies of Operating and Maintenance manuals are compiled in standard, 3 D-Ring binders, or custom made expansion binders build to suit according to owner/engineer’s specifications.

Custom binders are made with durable hard covers with rugged fabric (various colors to choose from), expandable from 2″ to 4″, or 3″ to 5″, with optional gold embossed lettering on the front and spine of binder.

KD Engineering O & M Manuals

Due to industry demand, and computer technology advancement, we are producing Mechanical Operating and Maintenance manuals in electronic format, (PC compatible). Manuals are first compiled in regular hard copy format, scanned, and made available for viewing in a CD-Rom with Adobe Acrobat Reader in PDF format.

Click here to view a sample of an Operating and Maintenance Manual in PDF Format (2.0 MB)

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