Glenn HornibrookCompany President and Managing Partner


Glenn Hornibrook has over three decades of hands-on experience in construction. Beginning his career as a carpenter, he made a pivotal decision to retrain as a Mechanical Engineer in 2011, discovering his true passion along the way.
KD Engineering has been an enduring presence in the industry since 1967. Over the years, KD’s commitment to quality and precision has earned KD a trusted reputation on projects of all sizes. Glenn is proud to lead a remarkable team of professionals, and as a team, KD has become synonymous with reliability and excellence.
Glenn’s mission at KD Engineering is clear: to ensure that we consistently deliver the exceptional service we are known for. Glenn firmly believes in the power of a talented team working in a happy and engaging environment. By nurturing the brightest minds in the industry, He ensures that KD Engineering remains a trusted name, setting the standard for HVAC excellence.